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Since our inception, our agency
has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

Our Story


Get to Know Us

  • Let's start by saying, 98% of our clients come back for more

  • The most common thing we hear from both clients and talent is how refreshing it is to work with us.

  • All of our clients are in-network. They either worked for us, with us, or were referred to us. Therefore, we only place people at firms where we know people are happy.

  • We hire as hiring managers, not as agency recruiters. Everyone on the team comes for SaaS and mostly sales leadership

  • Each role we get requires a custom build of data and cold outreach.

  • We aren’t a vendor or a recruiter...we become your trusted ally and business partner.

The philosophy at TheAmazingRecruiter is completely focused on getting the right candidate. The Owner, Hilary began this business because she has been in your shoes as a hiring manager and recruiter of  talent for over 15 years. She has built and grown teams globally in Fortune 500, enterprise technology companies, and in startups. The company began because after starting three successful sales teams and moving on in her career, Hilary continued to get calls from her former coworkers &  leaderships with projects and requests for her  recruiting efforts. Without necessarily trying, these continuous requests eventually turned into the successful firm we are today.   We have a huge network of top producers and the passion for building successful  teams. Our clients and candidates become our friends and we love doing what we do. When people ask how long I've been doing this, I usually say a lot longer than I was ever qualified for or paid for. I've been helping people with career advice and ideas since my early 20s and I have always loved being able to help people reach their goals. I am completely in love with helping A players make their next move and matching amazing firms with amazing people. This makes my job a pleasure and I think it contributes massively to our success.


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